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Australian Handmade Soap, Coconut Oil, Gift Hampers, DIY Lip Balm Kits

Australian Handmade Soaps, Coconut Oil, Gift Hampers, Lip Balm Making Kits, Kid's Craft Parties, Kid's Soap Making Parties

Handmade Soaps

Wholesale Soaps Australia
Palm Oil Free Soaps
Wholesale Soaps Australia
Wholesale Soaps Australia
vegan handmade soap

Why Buy Our Soap Loaves?


* High Profit Margins
*No Insurance required with NICNAS for purhasing ready made soap, as we have you covered.
*Use your own Branding and save
*You are supporting another local Australian Small Business
*We take the guess work out of formulating soap
*No Mess No Fuss
*Free Ingredients Labels
*Free "How to Sell Soap at Markets" Guide (Trialled and tested)
*Sell your cut soap to your customers using your own private branding and logo.

Benefits of using Coconut Dreams soaps:

  • May relieve your dry skin – many of our customers say that their skin is not as dry – skin that once itched during the winter is no longer itchy.
  • Rich, creamy lather leaves your skin soft and gently fragrant.
  • Added skin loving nutrients nourish and feed your skin.
  • Our busy lives can leave us stressed and harried – a relaxing bath or shower releases the aromatherapy oils in the soaps that can help restore our spirit for another day.
  • Your bathroom will smell amazing.

We have carefully formulated our soap with a balance of oils to provide a rich, generous and exceptionally mild lather, enriched with nutrients such as oatmeal, manuka honey, shea butter, aloe vera, herbs, silk, dairy cream and coconut milk. Australian and French clays assist deep cleansing, exfoliation and cell rejuvenation. The exquisite fragrances are our own custom blends of pure aromatherapy essential oils.

5 Soap Loaves

Wholesale Soaps Australia

10 Soap Loaves

Wholesale Soaps Australia

Re Sell to your customers using your own private branding and logo.

Mixed Soap Box -
Pre Cut Soap Bars 120 grams each

Wholesale Soaps Australia


Since 2010 we have been producing 1000’s of kilos of Australian handmade soap. 

Entire loaves of soap are ready for you to cut into bars and label with your own company name. Large soap blocks now available at a discounted price over single loaves. If there is one thing we know, it is soap. Coconut Dreams Australia specialize in soaps made with real essential oils. We use trusted suppliers for our ingredients – many of them grown on Australian farms. All our Australian Handmade soaps are made by hand in our Melbourne workshop by our family members.   

Coconut Dreams Australia tells you every single ingredient found in our wholesale soap.

Our Base Ingredients are: Olive oil, Rice Bran Oil, Coconut oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Coconut Milk, Coconut Milk, Yoghurt, Water and Lye (Base Formula)

Our scents comes from real plant based essential oils (or fine fragrances which are skin safe) and the color comes from herbal powders or oxides and pigments. Where essential oils cannot be sources, we like to use skin safe fragrances.

*All our Soap loaves are made daily. Ocassionally if we are low on stock we will let you know. 

*All Loaves weigh approximately 1.5 KG and made to a Rustic Look Perfection.

*All Soap Loaves are approx 35 cm long, 7cm wide and 7cm tall.

*You Simply Choose Your Scent "add comments in checkout" and we will require 1-2 weeks for making your Soap. 

As we prefer to make all our Soap Loaves using both the Cold Process and the Hot Process Cooking Method, this allows the soap to become hard alot quicker than the Cold Process Soap Making method. Your Soap will still be soft enough to slice and embed any stamps into it. 


"Natural Handmade Soap"

*See images below*

Once you have sliced your soap allow it a further 2 weeks to dry out in a cool room to avoid humidity. You want the soap to harden more and dry in order to make a longer lasting bar for your customers in the Shower.


Fragrance List:

Please email through your choices after checkout to:
[email protected]

Activated Charcoal Facial Bar, Activated Charcoal Body Bar, 
Apple Cinnamon, Australian Rose Garden, Bali Spa,  Blueberry Fresh, 
Berry Freshness, Cinnamon Clove, Coconut Pineapple, 
Coconut Lime Refresher, It's Raining Men, The Calmer Waters, 
he Zen Garden, Meditation Bar, Lemon & Poppy seeds, French Pear, 
Lavender & Patchouli Rain, Jasmine Flower, Bali Fruits, Frangipani Garden, Spearmint Fresh Awakening Bar, Island Coconut, Vanilla Dreams, 
Spirit of the Orient, Lemon Lime Zest, Japanese Blossom, Ylang Ylang & Bergamot, Sleepy Time Bar.


We do not make any medical claims to heal any illness or skin conditions. Please seek medical advice if you are uncertain about any ingredient. Our products are not intended to be eaten or tasted even though natural ingredients have been used. Our label is copyright protected and must not be altered or misused in any way. As a reseller it is at your discretion how you package your products to avoid damaged goods. Inspection is taken place before dispatch of any orders therefore iny claims are brought forward for receiving damaged good, photos must be provided. Coconut Dreams Brand should not at any time be defamed or harmed through social media sites but not limited to facebook, Instagram, Twitter. All Branding and/or labels must not be re sold by other businesses unless registered through Coconut Dream Australia as a wholesale interest.

Custom made Orders welcome.
Wedding Favours, Christening Guest Gifts, Ladies' Brunch Show Bag Gifts etc

Coconut Oil Australia
Wholesale Soaps Australia

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Wholesale Soaps Australia

We are a registered manufacturer with NICNAS