Coconut Dreams Naturals
Australian Handmade Soap, Coconut Oil, Gift Hampers, DIY Lip Balm Kits

Australian Handmade Soaps, Coconut Oil, Gift Hampers, Lip Balm Making Kits, Kid's Craft Parties, Kid's Soap Making Parties

Melbourne Distributor of Coconut Oil.

The Oil we source is of a high quality Refined Oil suitable for medium to high temperature cooking. We mainly stock the 17 Litre Buckets in Bulk offering great savings. Our 2 Litre Tubs are BPA FREE and are very popular for cooking also. 

Manufacturer of Artisan Handmade Products

Coconut Dreams specializes in wellness products that are hand crafted and poured from the best sourced ingredients. 

Our luxurious range of products are designed to heal & nourish body, mind and soul such as: spa remedies, Wellness Boxes delivered to your door.

Go Coconuts and get inspired by our best sellers such as our Cleanse Your Soul Bath Salts, DIY Organic Lip Balm Kits, Organic Handmade Soaps, Organic Body Scrubs. We are vegan friendly, organic, natural and handmade in Melbourne and contain no artificial preservatives or colouring.

We can also provide smaller quantities upon request. Simply email [email protected]

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Coconut Oil Australia

Bulk Coconut Oil - 51 Litres
Shipped within Australia Only

Bulk Coconut Oil