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Coconut Dreams Australia est 2010

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Coconut Dreams Australia
Natural Handmade Soaps 

The Coconut Dreams soaps are made with a combination of olive oil, rice bran oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter.

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“My love for Nature and Ocean is what inspired me to create my handmade products and kits, it's how I dream!"  Soap Making is my meditation and it's my little peace of love to share with the world."

Coconut Dreams story

Coconut Dreams started back in 2010. A small family business started when Katherine’s 2 sons both suffered terrible Eczema. She realised that some supermarket brands claiming to be “Natural” were actually aggravating her children’s condition making it worse, so she made a call to a local hospital to get some advice and they suggested to apply Olive or Coconut Oil directly onto the children’s skin. After 2 applications and huge improvement she decided to make her own label products.

Our products are all handmade in small batches in our home studio. We endeavour to source natural ingredients in their pure raw form. In some cases we do add skin safe additives and fragrances where essential oils are non-existent. Most of our orders are custom made for private label therefore we ask for your patience and require 2-4 weeks for production and curing time. 

“We make and use our own handmade products now. We know what ingredients we are applying to our skin and refuse to buy Supermarket soaps and lotions again.”

Why Buy Our Soaps?

NO Petrochemicals - NO Palm Oil--Vegan - Local Manufacturer - NO Sodium Lauryl sulphate - NO harsh detergents -NO artificial colorants - Biodegradable

Benefits of using Coconut Dreams soap:

  • May relieve your dry skin – many of our customers say that their skin is not as dry – skin that once itched during the winter is no longer itchy.
  • Rich, creamy lather leaves your skin soft and gently fragrant.
  • Added skin loving nutrients nourish and feed your skin.
  • Our busy lives can leave us stressed and harried – a relaxing bath or shower releases the aromatherapy oils in the soaps that can help restore our spirit for another day.
  • Your bathroom will smell amazing.

  **As our soaps are handmade this is only an estimate**

*You Simply Choose Your Scent "add comments in checkout" and we will require 1-2 weeks for making your Soap. As we prefer to make all our Soap Loaves using the Hot Process Cooking Method, this allows the soap to become hard alot quicker than the Cold Process Soap Making method. Your Soap will still be soft enough to slice and embed any stamps into it. Once you have sliced your soap allow it a further 2 weeks to dry out in a cool room to avoid humidity. You want the soap to harden more and dry in order to make a longer lasting bar for your customers in the Shower.

Australia is blessed with some of the world’s best natural oils. Coconut Dreams Australia use our own special soap making process to bring these incredible ingredients to your bathroom. 

*No Animal Fats - Vegan Friendly * Biodegradable *Palm Oil Free * *Earth Friendly *No Harsh Chemicals *Detergent Free


Soaps $4.95 each

Re Seller and Stockist Bulk Buys:

50-100 soap bars @ $2.50 per soap bar without packaging

50-100 soap bars @ $2.95 per soap bar with packaging

100-200 soap bars @$2.20 per soap bar without packaging

100-200 soap bars @$2.65 per soap bar with packaging

Soap Sampler (Soap Maker’s Choice) includes 12 guest size sample bars to try.



$19.95 EACH

*All Loaves weigh approximately 1.5 KG and made to a Rustic Look Perfection.

*All Soap Loaves are 34cm long, 6cm wide and 6cm tall.

(this may vary as everything is handmade and sliced)


We do not make any medical claims to heal any illness or skin conditions. Please seek medical advice if you are uncertain about any ingredient. Our products are not intended to be eaten or tasted even though natural ingredients have been used. Our label is copyright protected and must not be altered or misused in any way. 

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