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Coconut Oil Australia

coconut oil supplies

We supply our RBD Coconut Oil:

-1 Litre                   $19.95

-2 Litres                  $29.95  

-6 Litres                  $49.95

17 Litres Bucket     $120.00

Need More? No Problem!

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[email protected] for your Coconut oil Supplies.


Servings per 100g

Energy                  3700kj

Protein less than          1g

Fat, total                   100g

-          Saturated        85g

-          Trans fatty acid  1g

-          Polyunsaturated 5g

-          Monounsaturated 10g

Carbohydrate Less than   1g

-          Sugars Less than  1g

Cholesterol Less than 3g

Sodium Less than 5g

coconut oil supplies
coconut oil supplies
coconut oil supplies

We supply to a variety of people such as:

* Crafters of Natural Bath and Body Products

* Makers of Cheese

* Horse Owners (Pet Supplement)

* Cat and Dog Owners (Pet Supplement)

* Cafes

* Soap Makers