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High Quality Refined Coconut Oil

*No Odor Very light in taste
*Gently extracted from high quality coconuts in Malaysia-
*Vegan and Paleo friendly

This oil is perfect for cooking and can completely replace every cooking oil and butter in your diet. The oil contains antioxidants as preservative to avoid rancidity when imported from Asia. This allows a longer shelf life as with any Vegetable Oil.

Ideal for stir fries, deep fried, baking cakes and creating amazing raw treats.

As all coconut oils contain a high to medium content of saturated fatty acids (which gives coconut oil its many therapeutic benefits) 
coconut oil will solidify in colder room temperatures. Coconut oil’s benefits are due to one important factor: its fatty acid composition.

We tend to eat more coconut oil when it’s refined and flavourless, because it’s so much easier to blend into any kind of dish. 

Used in the tropics for thousands of years, coconut oil is starting to get the positive attention it deserves. 

It was only recently ostracized in the latter 20th century because of its saturated fat content. 

Refined coconut oil refers to coconut oil that has been bleached, and deodorized. 

The oil is derived from dried coconut meat known as copra. Traditional Tropics notes that oil obtained from copra 

has to be purified with bleaching clays because contaminants arise during the drying process. 

High heat is then used to deodorize the coconut oil to remove its distinctive odor and flavor. 

To obtain the most oil, some brands use chemical solvents to extract as much oil as possible from the meat. They may partially

hydrogenate the oil, too, which means it will contain trans-fats. 


Coconut oil is mainly made up of a medium-chain fatty acid called lauric acid, which include antiviral, antibacterial, anticancer and immune-boosting effects. Both refined and unrefined coconut oil 
contain the same amount of this beneficial fatty-acid. Unrefined coconut oil, however, is richer in phytonutrients than refined coconut oil. Polyphenols, which act as antioxidants in the body, are damaged by the bleaching and heating process used to produce refined coconut oil, so more are present in the unrefined kind.

6 Litres Coconut Oil

*Delicious & Creamy

*Great Travel re-usable plastic tubs.


Ideal for using in the manufacturing of:

*Soap Making

*Lip Balms

*Massage Oils

*Hand Creams

*Massage Candles

*Coconut Cube Burner Melts

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