Coconut Dreams Australia

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Welcome to Coconut Dreams Australia, located in Melbourne. We supply exceptionally high-quality eating grade refined coconut oil. The Oil we source is of a high quality Refined Oil suitable for medium to high temperature cooking. We mainly stock the 17 Litre Buckets in Bulk offering great savings. Our 2 Litre Tubs are BPA FREE and are very popular for cooking also. 

Coconut Dreams specializes in wellness products that are hand crafted and poured from the best sourced ingredients. Our luxurious range of productsdesigned to heal & nourish body, mind and soul such as: spa remedies, Wellness Boxes delivered to your door, tea and candles. Step into a new and raw world and get inspired by our best sellers such as our Cleanse Your Soul Bath Salts, Organic Coconut Wax Candles, Organic Handmade Soaps. We are vegan friendly, organic, natural and handmade in VIC and contain no artificial preservatives, colouring or fragrance.

We can also provide smaller quantities upon request. Simply email [email protected]

Est 2010- It all Began ...........

The story behind Coconut Dreams Australia started in 2010 whilst on a family vacation in Bali. Both my sons experienced eczema due to the humidity and salty water but instead of relying on chemical products found in the pharmacy, I wanted to use natural alternatives for their skin.

It was there that I was introduced to the healing properties of coconut oil. Soon, I envisioned creating soaps and massage lotions as well as selling refined coconut oil for cooking. It helps that I always had a passion for living a clean and healthy lifestyle. Eventually, my family started to consume coconut oil. I would even cook with it, use it as a moisturiser and make handmade soaps for my family. Funny enough no more skin conditions:)

Supporting the Ethical Procurement of Raw Materials

Our oil is sourced mainly from Malaysia and The Philippines. Our company supports responsible coconut farming in these two countries by being strictly against child labour. Additionally, we work very hard on researching our prices and importing. This is why we are able to sell hundreds of coconut oil buckets across Australia at affordable prices.