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Inspired Handmade Coconut Oil Products to heal and nourish your Mind, Body and Soul 

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    Coconut Dreams Australia  est 2010 

Coconut Oil, Handmade Soap, Guest Soaps, Bath and Body Products

Hello, my name is Katherine and I own Coconut Dreams Australia. Coconut Dreams came to life in 2010 when I embarked on a mission to naturally treat my children's eczema condition without using prescription products with nasty chemicals and false "natural" ingredients. As a child I had a passion for herbs, essential oils, and wholesome food anything that came from the earth that was raw and natural. To cut a long story short I experimented with every raw ingredients and oils that I could get my hands on and started creating. My humble Spa Soap business was born I was so inspired to create gentle everyday products simply by using products from my kitchen pantry. Well when that pantry door opened so did a world of creations and ideas. I was unstoppable!! I began to research the many therapeutic benefits of Coconut Oil.  How can one fruit produce so many benefits through the oil it provides? I researched both qualities of refined and Extra Virgin Oils and I have found uses for both in my home for me and my family. We are able to provide Australia with great prices on our Refined Coconut Oil which has made it to so many homes around Australia. 

Inspired Handmade Soap, Coconut Oil Handmade Products to heal and nourish your Mind, Body and Soul

*Imported from the Phillippines and Thailand. 

*High Grade Cooking Coconut Oil. 

We supply Cafes, Farmers, Soap Makers and every day households.

Our Best Seller is our 17 Litre Bucket

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Coconut Dreams Handmade Soaps

Our Soaps are made using the hot processed method. 

OILS: Olive & Coconut Oils. Organic Butters: Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Essential Oils, Herbs and Skin Safe Fragrances. Coconut Dreams' Soaps have made their way to many bathrooms over the years. We love to custom make our soaps to suit your needs.

17 KG Coconut Oil RBD

We are one of Australia's most affordable Coconut Oil Distributors in Refined Coconut Oil. This oil  is used Cooking and is ideal for Raw Treats.