Grown and Harvested in Thailand

    Coconut Dreams Products  
Grown and Harvested in The Philipines and Thailand

Food Grade Refined Coconut Oil, Coconut Wax Candles, Unique Coconut Oil Wax Blend,
Handmade Coconut Oil Soaps, Coconut Massage Oil, Crystal Gem Candles, Bath Bombs, 
Coconut Wax Melts, Coastal Homewares and More...

 Coconut Dreams Products came to life in 2010 when Katherine embarked on a mission to naturally treat her children's eczema condition without using prescription products with nasty chemicals.

 As a child Katherine had a passion for growing herbs in her little magic garden.

Having discovered the power of herbs, plants, essential oils, and wholesome food it was time to create a product of her own she can now share with people using her favourite product of all, Coconut Oil.

*Our high grade Coconut Oil is Imported from the Phillipines and Thailand. 

*Coconut Dreams supplies coconut oil to: Cafes, Soap Makers and every day households.

The family owned and operated business has been established since 2010 and growing rapidly.

Coconut Dreams Coconut Oil is 

Suitable for:

  • Foodies
  • Paleo diet
  • Gluten free diets
  • Vegan and/or Vegetarian diets
  • Fitness diets
  • Clean eating plan
  • Coconut oil is high in MCT's (medium-chain triglycerides)
  • Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid
  • When used with a complete and healthy balanced diet, coconut oil can help boost your metobolism
  • Great for baking, frying and using in every aspect of cooking food
  • A perfect natural alternative for skin and hair and your pets 

Suitable for Candle Makers wanting to make a difference to their business. 

Increase sales with our Unique Blend of Coconut Oil Wax Formula.

*Eco Friendly

*Longer Burn Time

*Chemical Free

*Offers a stronger scent throw 

Coconut Oil Wax Candles
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